Many hosts have opened their homes to international guests attending one of the excellent programs at universities and language schools in Philadelphia. The ideal location for a homestay, Philadelphia is the birthplace of America. Trendy shopping, dining, and artistic venues make Philadelphia a fabulous setting. Our hosts have gracious homes, many of them turn-of-the century. They are a part of Philadelphia’s rich diversity. Our hosts all live within easy access to the many programs our guests are attending. All of them can’t wait to introduce you to the fun places they enjoy frequenting in their neighborhoods. Philadelphia is a city waiting for you to explore!


Our students and scholars come from all over the world to study in many capacities in Philadelphia. They are adults (at least 18 years old). Some stay a month and some stay several years. Most are students of English as a Second Language; some are visiting scholars; some are traditional undergraduates; some are Medical, Dental, or MBA students; some are doctoral students; and some are focusing on specific test-preparation. All find their homestay a great place to live, practice English, make American friendships, and study as needed.

Homestay guests are expected to live with their hosts as “family members.” As such, guests will enjoy regular conversation in English and may be invited to participate in a variety of family traditions, activities, and outings. Guests will be expected to keep their bedrooms and bathrooms clean and help with shared tasks like cleaning up after a family meal.

Living in a homestay is the very best way for internationals to experience American culture in the safety and comfort of a home while having many opportunities to practice English conversation.


A non-refundable $285.00 Placement Fee is due at the time of online Application. For married couples the Placement Fee is $435.00. The Placement Fee can be paid online by Visa, Master Card, or American Express -- or by a Western Union money transfer.

A homestay costs $31.00 per night. For married couples a homestay costs $52.00 per night. The Homestay Fee for your first four weeks is $868.00 ($31.00 per night x 28 nights). It must be paid during orientation on move-in day in the form of a postal money order, traveler’s checks, or American dollars (no personal checks or credit cards, please).

The Homestay Fee includes:

  • • A comfortable, fully furnished, private bedroom
  • • Linens (sheets, blankets, and towels)
  • • Shared bathroom
  • • Daily, self-serve continental breakfast
  • • Three family-style dinners each week
  • • Internet access
  • • Access to microwave, refrigerator, food storage space and laundry facilities
  • • Air conditioning from May 1 to September 30

The Homestay Fee is all-inclusive. There are no additional taxes, utilities, or fees. These prices are valid through March 2018 and are subject to change April 2018.


Homestays are available on a first-come first-serve basis. It is important to apply as early as possible. Except in cases where homestay space is not available, the Placement Fee is not refundable. Once a student has occupied a homestay, there are no refunds for the first four-week session.

"I really liked the nice and friendly atmosphere at Greg and Mary’s house. They are a good, open-minded, and kind family with nice children. I especially liked our conversations at the dinner meetings. We discussed many different topics related to history, religion, culture, etc. I learned a lot about America and American culture.”

Jaroslaw, Poland

“It was more than a homestay for me. I mostly liked Laura and Nate. I didn’t dislike anything at all and there was nothing that could be improved. I would recommend this home.”

Abdul Ghani, United Arab Emirates

“Everything here is good. I am so glad to be in this family. I have been here almost two months and I have not found anything I do not like. If the host families are like my host family, I would like to say there is no need to improve the program because it is the best.”

Bandar, Saudi Arabia