Moving In / Moving Out

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Orientation to Homestay?

    On your move-in date, you will meet your host family.

    You will pay the first fee for 28 days. You may use cash, a cashier's check or Venmo or Zelle. Your host may have personal preferences, so ask ahead of time. You will present your valid passport with visa. Your host will have access to an e-document Homestay Agreement which includes an agreement to use your host's internet legally. If you'd like to preview, here are links to the Homestay Agreement and Internet Agreement Form. The information is basically the same.

    On move-in day, you will receive a house key. Hosts will explain the household rules, and share all personal contact information (i.e. home, cell, and work phone numbers; email addresses, etc.).

    Your host will make sure you are prepared to find your classes on your first day.

  • May I have personal airport pick-up?

    Yes. Personal airport pick-up is available through Astra Limo, Inc. by sending an email to You will be going directly to the homestay address provided to you. Shortly after your arrival, you will meet viz Zoom with the Homestay director for a brief orientation and sign the Homestay Agreement.

    Astra is diligent about providing our students airport to homestay service.

    When using the Astra limo service, you'll need to provide to Astra.

    • Travel Date
    • Airline and Flight Number
    • Estimated Arrival Time
    • Terminal
    • Number of Bags
    • Address of your homestay

    You must also confirm that you will be using their service.


  • What are my responsibilities on move-out day?

    On move-out day, you will need to 1) thoroughly clean your bedroom. Your host may provide a checklist, 2) remove all personal items, 3) bring all of your linens to the laundry room for washing, 4) turn in your house key, and 5) write your memories in your hosts’ guest book! Please make time for a last photo. Your hosts will surely want to remember your time together.