Can I tour my homestay in advance?

Right at Home Homestay does not offer pre-placement home tours. Homestay is about stepping out of one culture and into another—about forming cross-cultural relationships.

There is no better way for foreign students to study English and learn about America than to make lifelong friendships with an American family—even with an element of chance.

Homestay is an adventure—for both the students and the hosts. Just as students are making a decision about where and with whom they will be living for a few weeks/months with information provided upon placement, the hosts are welcoming students from all over the world into their homes knowing only a student’s gender, age, school, and country of origin. Each takes a leap of faith! Neither party should have to pass a stringent test or inspection.

Right at Home Homestay prides itself in the quality of hosts. Hosts present a criminal background check and provide references as part of the application process. Hosts are thoroughly interviewed. Homes are inspected before hosts are approved. End-of-stay student evaluations ensure that any problems in a homestay home are addressed promptly. Unlike some homestay arrangements, both the hosts and the students can take a grievance to the homestay director for resolution. The need for this is rare.

Most placements occur at the same times since terms typically start and end on similar dates. Most students arrive within two days of their first class. We cannot afford to hold placements while tours are arranged for a few with the luxury of arriving earlier.

Right at Home Homestay wants all students to have a wonderful experience. Here's what you can expect:

  • Once your application is complete and the application fee is paid, we will match you with a host and start providing information about the home and neighborhood you’ll be living in.
  • We'll provide photos of the street and pictures of your room.
  • We’ll put you in email contact with your hosts so the relationship starts well before you arrive. You can ask questions of the RAHH director or your host at any time during the process.